Dr. William E. Doggett III Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship in Foreign Languages and Literatures

The Dr. William E. Doggett III Endowed Study Abroad Scholarship in Foreign Languages and Literatures provides support funding in the form of student scholarships to do study abroad in a foreign language, linguistics, or literature. Preference shall be given to students with a focus in French or German, but students of all language minor programs offered by the DFLL may apply.

1. Applicants for the Dr. William E. Doggett III Study Abroad Scholarship must be currently enrolled in a degree-granting program at UAB with a declared major in FLL or a declared minor in any language supported by the Department of Foreign Language and Literatures.
2. Eligible students must have completed at least three credit hours at the 100 level or higher at UAB in the language to be studied abroad before the funds will be paid out.
3. Applicants should demonstrate solid academic promise and have earned at least an overall 3.0 grade point average in UAB coursework completed prior to the time of application.
4. Preference will be given to applicants who are deserving of financial assistance as determined by the selection committee based on the information provided by the student when applying for the scholarship. Applicants do not have to qualify for federal financial assistance in order to be considered for this scholarship.

The number of students selected shall be left to the discretion of the selection committee. Awards will range from $1,000.00 to $1,500.00, based on the spendable income earned on the endowment fund plus any other available funding.

Varies: Typically a minimum of $1000 and a maximum of $1,500.
College of Arts and Sciences - Foreign Languages and Literatures
Supplemental Questions
  1. In 500 words or less, please describe your foreign language experience, and how you think it will enhance your career.
  2. Please list the courses that you have taken in the Foreign Language major or minor and the corresponding grade for the courses.
  3. Have you received any scholarships from the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures in the past?
  4. If so, please provide the name of the FLL scholarship and the term/academic year in which you received your award.
    • a) Name of Scholarship
    • b) Term/Academic Year of Award