The Biology Freshmen Scholar Awards Quasi Endowment

The Freshman Biology Scholarship is awarded to incoming freshmen who will be enrolled full-time as Biology majors. Applicants should have an ACT score of 25 or greater and should rank in the top 20% of their graduating class.

College of Arts and Sciences - Biology
Supplemental Questions
  1. High School Class Rank
    • Do you rank in the top 20% of your high school graduating class?
    • If so, list your specific ranking.
  2. What are your career goals as related to your training in Biology?
  3. Why are you deserving of this scholarship award?
  4. What have been your greatest creative accomplishments (academic honors, community service, leadership, artistic or literary accomplishments)?
  5. Do you plan to be enrolled as a full-time student? (Full-time is the equivalent of 12 credit hours or more)
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